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My self-publishing journey: Handling rejections

So, everybody loves you. You’ve always been a superstar on social media and treated like a major celebrity at almost every social gathering you go to. In fact, when you posted a photo of your homemade cupcakes on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you’ve earned over 500 thumbs-up or LIKES from your social media friends raving about your awesome, fantabulous, are-you-kidding-me-no-one-else-is-as-talented-as-you creativity. So you got excited, created an event and hosted the best cupcake party you could put together in the history of OMG-it’s-so-cool-my-jaw-dropped-I-can’t-believe-I-was-invited cupcake parties ever. But guess what, out of the 500 people you had invited, only 20 showed up. You fe

How FOBOLOUS came about (My first blog on Facebook in 2011)

As soon as I clock out from work, I literally zoom my way out of the building and run to my car at the parking garage and head out to perfect one of the best concepts that has ever been discovered and named in the history of human distractions ... multitasking. I pull up my phone and take a quick look at the list of things I needed to do. My tasks are always neatly and geographically aligned. I make sure I hit the most important ones first, the ones that have no room for compromise such as filling up the nearly drained gas tank, getting the kids' milk and the laundry supplies and the life sustaining packs of bottled water. The dry cleaners come next. I may make short pit stops to my eyebrow

The Fobolous Book Launch at A Space Manila: Finding a gem on the other side of the world

Ever wondered what it feels like to plan a book launch from across the oceans, thousands of miles away with nothing but an email address, a Facebook page, and a spirited gut feel? Well, I did. And to say that it was a nerve-wracking experience is not just an understatement, it's delusional. As an indie author having just gone through the stressful and complex process of self- publishing my first novel "Fobolous", planning a book launch in the Philippines while based in Houston, Texas with less than a month to go was like jumping off a cliff with my eyes closed hoping an off-duty superhero would happen to pass by and save me from my own foolishness. But thanks to technology, social media

7 Ways to Enjoy Freelance Writing

Writing is easy. For the gifted writer, the process of combining words to create a powerful message or narrate a riveting story in fluid, engaging paragraphs is generally a walk in the park, a piece of cake, a breeze. That’s what writers are made of. They can turn a boring piece of document or a totally unheard of idea into something galactically appealing that may lure their audience to check it out, lining up for something they didn’t even have a clue about. It’s not a surprise employers are looking everywhere to find the perfect writer that would launch their businesses through the mere power of words founded on creative thinking and a customized marketing strategy. That’s where writing a

Separately Seeking James Ren

“I fell in love with James.” ​ Sue me if I failed to pay more attention to these words when I first listened to them but I’ve already lost count. ​ I’ve lost count of how many times women readers of my first novel “Fobolous” came up to me and gushed about the novel’s main male character (James Ren), the young Japanese American who not only turned the entire world of the novel’s main character (Janelle) upside down but apparently, these women’s worlds as well. ​ I can relate. ​ I understand their sentiment. ​ After all, as bad as it may sound, I was the one who created James Ren. And as weird as it may sound, even, I was officially the fabulous character’s first groupie. Before anyone else c

The Scenic Route

​ On my way home from work, after being confined in my corporate crib for more than eight hours, I choose to take the scenic route. ​ Every day of the week, unless it’s raining really ugly, I would drive along the quiet street of San Felipe, the long stretch of road running through the finer residential areas of the city of Houston where plush neighborhoods and their fancy houses sit, hidden behind tall brick fences, iron gates, lavish trees, and lush hedges. ​ I never mind the longer drive home as I enjoy the humongous trees on both sides of the road, shielding motorists by offering their protective shades from the blinding glare of the sun and providing that delightful, calming, and romant

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