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Stephen King, Jeff Goins, and how reading can help you become a better writer

Have you read a Stephen King novel yet? If you have, there’s no doubt in my mind you were spooked for a day or two or even longer after reading hundreds of pages of his riveting horror fiction. Stephen King is a one of a kind storyteller and his gift as a writer is exquisite. His stories may all tackle the same chilling elements fenced in our personal nightmares but they’re all distinct from the manner he told every single one of them - making millions of his readers all over the world probably sleeping with the lights on after reading his novels as well as inspiring writers like us to achieve even just a fraction of what he has already accomplished. But while it’s easy to dismiss Stephen Ki

My self-publishing journey: Growing a thick skin as a writer

“What does finding love on the other side of the world mean, anyway?” And so began what started out as a great conversation about sports and the weather until this person tried to liven up our little chat by focusing on my book which he saw proudly sitting on my screen as if begging to get noticed. The guy continued, “I can’t read your book. It looks like a story about people chatting online trying to hook up or something. I’m a J.K. Rowling fan. I’ve read her Harry Potter books, seven times for each of her seven books. I know I have issues (laughter) but I think she’s great. Her personal experience, her ups and downs, seem to show up on her novels.” Ouch, I thought, as a series of thou

My self-publishing journey: Writing your novel with a song in your head

If your novel had a soundtrack, what would it be? Will it be a moving song of joy and pleasure or a powerful anthem filled with anger, pain, and grief? Or will there be total absence of music and beats and rhythms in your story, only strings of narratives, dialogues, and monologues from thousands of texts trying their best to translate your thoughts into words to get your captivated readers hooked, engaged, and craving for more? There are many ways to write a story and writers have different ways of completing their manuscripts. My way as a first time novelist was a process involving an outdated CD player and a Spotify stream of nearly endless music. When I started writing my novel five year

My self-publishing journey: Tapping into your genius

When does talent give in to corrosion and fade away into obscurity? When does one's innate gift become useless and irrelevant? The answer is simple. When it does not serve a purpose, had been taken for granted, and left alone in the cobwebs of oblivion. In short, a person's talent is stored in the person's inner system and sits in idle solitude until it becomes fully recognized and utilized to its maximum potential. Unfortunately, while talent is unique and impermeable, it also has a life span. For many of us who tend to procrastinate and wait, death to our God-given geniuses may come sooner than expected. It is talent's nature not to complain nor stage rebellion against its owner

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