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Everything I needed to know as a self-published author, I learned in advertising

Photo Credit: Che Mendoza I had always wanted to be a writer growing up but when I started looking for a job right after graduating from college, writing opportunities didn’t seem - at that time - as lucrative and as cool as everyone else had romanticized. I ended up working odd jobs for a year until I had the guts to apply for a position in the marketing department of a TV network and got the job. After learning how to drink vodkas and tequilas for the first time in my life and party like a rock star with famous local actors in the glitzy entertainment industry with my young colleagues (who became my friends for life later on), I decided to stay put and see where my hard work would lead me

My self-publishing journey: The first book is the most special

Do you still remember your first love? Of course, you do. Because how could you ever forget the first time you felt a range of emotions completely new to you? And worse, you couldn’t seem to control every single one of them no matter how hard you tried. It felt kinda like, you know, holding on to a metal fixture while an F5 twister threatened to pulverize you but you’re still smiling while fighting for dear life because truth be told, it was so worth it. Fine. Maybe it didn’t work out in the end and you already had many a good laugh about it over time. But still, you know when you look back in your past, you would see those bittersweet moments lingering in the corners of your mind because (T

My self-publishing journey: Establishing a stronger connection with readers by having more books in

Photo Credit: Nadya Buenavista “Your first book may not sell.” For indie writers and first time self-publishers, this can be a hard pill to swallow. After putting tons of work in writing your book and spending money to hire professional editors, book cover designers, book formatting experts, and marketing companies to get your first book out the door and into the homes of millions of readers all over the world, the last thing you wanted to deal with is the looming possibility that you and your book will suffer from obscurity. But that’s the truth. For fiction authors who dream of achieving the same success reaped by indie bestseller Amanda Hocking who earned millions from her first self-publ

My self-publishing journey: The untold story behind your story

Photo Credit: Rainne Mendoza Can you imagine “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” without Audrey Hepburn? Truman Capote, the author of the famous novel turned film who catapulted Hepburn’s Hollywood image to fashion icon status after the film version was released in 1961, did not really initially choose the actress to play the part. He wanted Marilyn Monroe to take on the role of Holly Golightly. But Monroe’s camp reportedly declined the offer because Holly Golightly’s character did not fit the actress’ career direction at that time. And how about J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series? A lot has been told about Rowling’s magnificent rise to fame despite her humble beginnings, hardship, and the adversities

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