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My self-publishing journey: Looking past the zeroes

I’m a numbers freak. I like looking at numerical figures, stats and graphs, and tables and charts just to see if they’re moving. But don’t get too excited now. I’m not great at Math. I just find numbers interesting. At one point, a certain number symbolizes growth, progress, prosperity, power, greatness, and success. At some point, the same number exhibits the complete opposite. For instance, the number 10 is great for a lot of people when it signifies perfection but not so great for some folks when it denotes the last place in a competition. My fascination with numbers When I was a child, I liked watching cars. For half an hour when I wasn’t doing what children my age would normally do (pla

My self-publishing journey: Giving thanks

Two weeks ago, one of my photos from my book signing at Barnes and Noble in Houston made it to the first page of Reddit, a “media aggregation” or website where people submit topics of interest which get rated by registered users through votes. The ones with the most positive votes land on the first page, of course. My Barnes and Noble photo garnered almost 5,000 Up Votes - Likes in our usual internet language – and nearly 300 comments from a discussion group in that subreddit page. They discussed the photo wondering what my novel was about, their assumptions about me as an author, and how in the world a newbie like me ended up in an author’s event at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. I can’t s

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