"This book is the perfect antidote to a moody Monday. It's that great pick-me-upper you greedily devour while sipping your favorite coffee at your local Starbucks. It's a modern fairy tale of pain and forgiveness, of adventures unknown, and of love in the age of halo-halo and cherry blossoms. Buy it, read it, you'll love it. So what are you waiting for? "Tara let's!"

- Pescepeach, Amazon.com, May 25, 2016 - 

"The book is really FABULOUS ! It made me laugh, think, emote, smile, reminisce .....If you are a Filipino , the book would remind you of your core values. And if you're not it would give you a glimpse of its people and culture. Highly entertaining. I think this would be a nice Rom Com movie. Looking forward to the next book."

- TIM, Amazon.uk, May 25, 2016 -

"Slept last Saturday at 330am because I couldn't put your book down! Looking forward to Book 2 ... And movie adapatation of Book 1!"

- Gie R., Facebook, July 1, 2016 -

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"I read this book more than 5 times and I am completely in love with it.  Being strong means leaping on an adventure even if you don't know where it will take you.  Thank you ms. @rainnemendoza for this amazing book ..."

- @kiannesans, Instagram, December 24, 2016 - 

Indulge in the joys of being

youthful, carefree, uncertain and lost yet fearless

captured in an

inspirational story.


A romantic novel for the young

and the young at heart

"Just wanted to let you know that I finished reading your book Saturday afternoon. I loved it! Couldn't put it down! It made me laugh and cry! It made me think about what my parents gave up to come to the States. I hope you get to write a sequel ... Thank you again for sharing your talent and love for writing with us! We are all "Fobolous" in some way."

- Jeanne O., Facebook, October 10, 2016 - 

"I like the title. Very playful. Lovely cover. Interesting setup, on the verge of some drastic changes.  I like your description of this opening sitting. Your writing style is very conversational, user-friendly. I also enjoy all the cultural comparisons. Pretty interesting language traps – “puto”. I would bet this is pretty common. This word sisiw could come in handy!


“But if you’re not Filipino, then what did you think you were?” – the interactions of the children are quite entertaining. "... ready to shred anyone that would get in her way”. You have some vivid images, and they are augmented by the references to their Tagalog equivalents. Lovely at the business conference how her anxiety disappears. Your character has an enjoyable off-the-wall way of thinking (wet cows). You’re a little too infatuated with social niceties. I really enjoy the journey your heroine takes."

Structure, Organization, and Pacing: 4 / Character Appeal and Development: 4.

Judge, 4th Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards.

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