Copyright © 2019 FOBOLOUS by Rainne Mendoza  


Relive the exciting experience of
meeting a special stranger
somewhere on the
other side of your universe.
Don't be surprised if you
along the way.
Cultures clash.  Cultures blend.  Love survives

The story of a young woman’s unforgettable adventures on her quest to resolve her looming doubts about giving up her career, family, and friends in exchange for a brand new life on the other side of the world.  Hopping on a plane on a mission, she set out to America on her own to get a taste of her future life as an immigrant married to her American fiance.


 In the end, she chose to be where her heart truly belonged.


Set in Houston, Texas, FOBOLOUS depicts the lives of Asian immigrants and their amazing journey in America - Land of Opportunity to many - as they freely embrace its rich, diverse, and unique culture in hopes of achieving a better life.  It also takes a peek at Philippine culture from both traditional and modern perspectives.


The engaging story promises to make readers laugh and reflect as they stumble upon poignant life lessons on determination, resilience, forgiveness, redemption,  and love in its purest and sweetest form.

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