"Slept last Saturday at 330am because I couldn't put your book down! Looking forward to Book 2 ... And movie adaptation of Book 1!"

- Gie, Philippines, July 1, 2016 -

"I finished reading your book in 5 days and that's already a feat.  It took me one month to finish reading The Little Prince ... Proud of what you've written.  Looking forward and can't wait to read what you will come up with next."

- Oliver, Philippines, July 1, 2016 -

"A page turner! Finished it in one night, couldn't put it down. It's smart, fun, beautifully written. A sweet feel-good story of love and redemption. It's ‪#‎fobolous‬! Can't wait for the sequel ❤️ Congratulations to the writer Rainne Mendoza."

- Cherryl, Philippines, July 4, 2016 -

"Hey Rainne! Enjoyed reading your book."

- Rowena, Facebook, July 9, 2016 -

"The novel is a magic blender for all that the author had beautifully squeezed in to the story - LITERALISM, INDIFFERENTISM, MORES (past and present) and RESTRAINT. The element of restraint was smothered on the surface of the characters' extreme tendencies to do either good or bad. The concern among the characters towards one another was so subtly manifested offering credit to one's sensibilities and ability to cope with the surrounding circumstances of life.

It's SUPERB! The elements of a good story were exquisitely lined up to give a clear guide to the readers' desire to continue reading it almost non-stop. Especially the restraint which she smothered nicely on the surface of the emotions of the characters, either bad or good. The in-between flashbacks did not disturb the flow of events of the prevailing time. In fact, it provided a trace for its root - the background of the adventure.

The cultural aspects of every setting were delicately presented by LITERALISM which led the readers to better understand the literalized objects material to the reality concept of the novel. Variety of tones - hilarious, casual, even sardonic in violent episodes were subtly manifested. Even in the spiritual belief of the characters, there was nothing to untie the bonds of friendship - INDIFFERENTISM.

Above all these, the book made one feel his link to the story - a silent spectator who was always there in every event - who in the end happily reminisced what had taken place.  (It) ... had made me feel as though I was one of its participants, very entertained but restrained. Eyes and mind open but just one silent spectator. The only way I must be ... yet why did I have to be this happy reminiscing the events?"

- Angie, Philippines, July 11, 2016 -

"Congratulations to the author. It's heartwarming to read books that you can relate to. We'll be waiting for your next novel." - Jenny, Amazon.ca, July 12, 2016 -

"Humor, wit, romance and life lessons beautifully and elegantly crafted and expressed into a relatable and heartwarming story.  Congratulations, Rainne Mendoza."

- Tuesday, Amazon.com, July 15, 2016 -

"Congrats, Houston gal.  When romance is free of lurid sensuality, pure/honest people have $$ to spend on your books." - Author Beth Fine @beth_fine, Twitter, July 20, 2016 -

"It took me after 2 weeks to read the book because of busy schedules and here what I can say about the book. Fobolous is the epitome of what it is like to be an immigrant moving from a third world country to a country we may as well call “A Land of Opportunity.” The story line of the book would surely give us readers moments of flashbacks, a trip down memory lane to re-embrace our experiences during our younger years, like Janelle in the story. 


The book narrates that of a perfect example of what it is like to move out of our comfort zone, to take risks, to live the present by not worrying too much of what the outcome may be. The book represents how life works, that life is full of challenges. It reminds readers that no matter how overwhelming problems in life may seem, when everything is just going the drain we should always keep in mind that these difficulties in life gives us an important lesson, and that it makes us stronger in the future challenges we may face.


I recommend this book to everyone as it gives plentiful of lessons and true-to-life happenings that makes us see how great and awesome life is. I really admire Janelle through everything she faced during her stay on the other side of the world. The mixture of humor and drama makes the book a really good read to readers of all ages. 


After reading the book, I was amazed and it made me feel a lot more contented in life. I really learned a lot of real-life lessons. What saddens me though is, after reading the book I looked back on the first few pages of the book and read that it is mostly just a fictional story. After reading that, I felt saddened a bit. I really hoped that it really happened, that it wasn’t by any means fictional. Indeed, this book is a must read and I really recommend it! I am really looking forward for the author’s next book!" - Marivic Bautista, www.mariavictorialifestylesecrets.com, July 8, 2016 -

"Hi..how are you? I just finished reading your book the other night ( i needed 2 nights to finish it). The 1st night , i read from the very beginning ( acknowledgement until chapter 30 ) then second night ( from chapter 31 until the end Epilogue ). To be honest with you, this is my first time to read a novel with a pinay writer in English  (my younger years were the time of Mills and Boons books ) but i am a fan of Danielle Steel, Barbara Cartland and Ken Follet.. I do like to read as well, our Phil. komiks and of course pocket books in Tagalog. What I want to tell you, i am very impressed with your work..Wow..it seems real , I engaged so much of myself while reading. Very nice how you explained in between about the meaning of the Tagalog words you used in your novel in English. You did a great job and i am sure if you manage to find someone ( film producer / s in Phils. ) that will be great to make a movie based on your novel kasi nandun na lahat and may " kilig factor " . I wish it could be turned into film like the recent one I read and watched in cinema " Me Before You " of Jojo Moyes. Congratulations Rainne. I am looking forward in the future to read your next book. Good luck and God bless you."

- Mhedy,  Germany, July 26, 2016 -