7 Ways to Enjoy Freelance Writing

Writing is easy.

For the gifted writer, the process of combining words to create a powerful message or narrate a riveting story in fluid, engaging paragraphs is generally a walk in the park, a piece of cake, a breeze.

That’s what writers are made of.

They can turn a boring piece of document or a totally unheard of idea into something galactically appealing that may lure their audience to check it out, lining up for something they didn’t even have a clue about.

It’s not a surprise employers are looking everywhere to find the perfect writer that would launch their businesses through the mere power of words founded on creative thinking and a customized marketing strategy.

That’s where writing as a profession comes in, that particular phase in a writer’s life when writing becomes more than a gift. It becomes a skill and ultimately, a source of living.

It’s called writing as a profession.

And it may not be as easy.

Although writing is second nature to a lot of writers, writing for a fee may have a different effect on the writer’s ability or motivation to churn out results.

After all, what writer wants to deal with limitations on creativity and self-expression?

For many freelance writers, especially beginners, getting their hands tied is something they most often have to deal with.

With freelance writing come standards and requirements in terms of subject or topic to write about, tone of voice, words to use, SEOs, word counts, and format. Even worse, deadlines are set including being either told or asked how much to charge the client or employer for the writing project.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Once the writing project is done, there is a possibility of being asked to revise the written work after the client has reviewed the writer’s submission. On top of that, the potential of being edited without permission or not getting paid in full depending on what the writer has agreed on prior to accepting the project, is a looming risk.

But in spite of it all, freelance writers are growing and are thriving in the writing industry.

If you’re a freelance writer, there’s a way not to let these limitations and risks steal the joy from your love of writing.

  1. Consider every writing project an opportunity to learn new things that will open doors to better writing opportunities.

  2. Tick every project as one more great addition to either your already impressive or flourishing portfolio.

  3. Consider going out of your comfort zones and write on a topic or a format that you’ve never written before and use it to expand your niches.

  4. Break new grounds.If you’re a good fiction writer, bid for a non-fiction writing project just to have a taste of what’s on the other side of the fence. You may even like it.

  5. If it allows for your name as the writer of the article to get published, enjoy the fame and exposure while building your network and image.

  6. Have a blast using your ability to churn out results on deadlines to either beat your previous record or maintain your working rhythm.

  7. Meet potential clients, send proposals, win a project,and expand your network through satisfied clients’ referrals - if you did a good job on the project that you were tasked to write for.

Best of all, have fun while doing what you love to do.

Keep that fire to write with passion ever burning- the one that motivated you to start filling up a blank page with words in order to create something powerful, something beautiful, something unique that you and only you have created.

And keep in mind that such inspiring fire can earn you money too. Sweet.

Rainne Mendoza

2016. All rights reserved.

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