My self-publishing journey: Tapping into your genius

When does talent give in to corrosion and fade away into obscurity? When does one's innate gift become useless and irrelevant? The answer is simple. When it does not serve a purpose, had been taken for granted, and left alone in the cobwebs of oblivion. In short, a person's talent is stored in the person's inner system and sits in idle solitude until it becomes fully recognized and utilized to its maximum potential. Unfortunately, while talent is unique and impermeable, it also has a life span. For many of us who tend to procrastinate and wait, death to our God-given geniuses may come sooner than expected. It is talent's nature not to complain nor stage rebellion against its owner.

It simply sits in obedience until its master decides to tap into his inner strengths.

Talent patiently waits until it gets eaten up over time by the looming parasites entrenched in our psyche - that parasitic cancer known as procrastination, lack of belief in one's abilities or plain laziness. How many times have we marveled at other people's brilliance? How many times have we established support groups to openly express our amazement at what others have achieved? In every corner of our planet, groupies exist.

They come in different shapes and sizes and lobby in all sorts of places.

We find them in churches, government offices, concert arenas, basketball courts, football stadiums, schools, workplaces, watering holes all the way to our living spaces at home. It's because we are all groupies in our own different ways, rallying for something we believe in, supporting causes. Now, if all of us will capitalize on this groupie quality that we all possess and support OUR OWN capabilities with the pure intention to help ourselves and others without being narcissistic, then this world will be a better place to live in. Our future and the succeeding generations' will be paved and the world will only move in one direction.

Forward. So go ahead and pick up your mind and set it in motion.

Procrastination, laziness, the prevailing feeling of inadequacy, and indifference are old news.

Tap into your genius and soar.

There is no better time than now.


This piece will be featured in my upcoming book. A collection of my ramblings written during magical rainy days.

Well, not really.

I wrote most of them inside our dirty-clothes area while doing the laundry in my pajamas. It wasn’t really magical rain pouring in the background. It’s just water from the washing machine.

Real writers don’t have to wait for the perfect magical setting to write. They just do.

I started writing when I was 9 years old. I was fascinated with jotting down patriotic, inspirational slogans and one liners that I repeated over and over for effect. I didn't know I was already honing my skills for my future copywriting endeavors.

But I'm just driving a point here.

You don't need have to have an epic story on how you became a writer. Not everyone has a story made for memoirs and movies about their magical rise to becoming this and that. Some just decide to grab a pen and paper or a keyboard and tablet and start jotting down ideas.

If you care to know, the subject of this blog is when to become a writer or when to start writing.

Some people may have answers but I don't.

I say just sit down and start writing.

Easier said than done?

Check out these articles and learn from these successful writers on how they started out.

Five authors who prove it's never too late writing.

How 5 writers got started on their first books

The bottomline: However you start, just make sure you absolutely love what you're doing because some days, it's not going to be fun.

Now get your ideas in order and start writing.

By the way, check out my new novel "Fobolous".

Rainne Mendoza

2016. All rights reserved.

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