Copyright © 2019 FOBOLOUS by Rainne Mendoza  


Hopping on a plane from Manila on a whim, Janelle Marquez had no clue what was waiting for her on the other side of the world.


She traveled alone to America for the first time not only to surprise her fiancé but to test the waters and find out for herself if her future life as an immigrant in the Land of Opportunity was worth leaving everything she had behind. 


One night, she stumbled upon a dark secret, a revelation that triggered an amazing journey of remarkable discoveries, unexpected endings and new beginnings.



















And then there's James Ren.

A young attractive Japanese American, charismatic rock band vocalist, race car daredevil, brilliant architect, and chick magnet cradling a dark past who turned her world upside down.

While James represented everything she found beautiful and unappealing about America, she found herself slowly being drawn to him.

On her last night in Houston, she was faced with a difficult decision she didn’t want to make.

 But she had to act fast. 

 Time was running out.

A split second before she hopped on the plane to go back to the life she momentarily left behind, Janelle did what her conservative grandmother back home would be cringing about for the rest of her life.

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